Business areas / services

Forestry Services

Organized and carried out by Nordic FPC OÜ, which is also the heart of the business.
We carry most types of forest services such as cleaning, thinning and final felling. Our specialty is removal of storm-felled forest.

Demolition Operations

Organized and conducted by OÜ Nordic FPC Group. The focus is heavy demolition of steel structures. Our main business is the demolitions in the process but we do demolitions of plants of all kinds. Demolitions carried out both manually and mechanically. Apart from the actual demolition work, we offer consulting services to plan and prepare the demolition works.
This work consists of coordination and project management. An important part of planning is security measures that should be followed very carefully, because of the labor environment's dangerous nature.

Fire protection

The operation consists of the installation of automatic sprinkler systems in factories, sawmills and all kinds of public buildings, such as, hospitals and sports arenas.
We work mostly on the Swedish and Norwegian market. Organized in Sweden by OÜ Nordic FPC Group and Norway Nordic FPC Norway.
Usually we work as subcontractors through the rental of sprinkler fitters. We are able to provide supervision and can even take total responsibility for different types of projects.
Nordic FPC has worked in the fire protection since 2007 and have had good cooperation with well-established construction companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland.