This is Nordic FPC

The company is registered in Estonia. Our clients are mainly in the Baltics, Norway, Finland and Sweden. We also work with demolition and installation of automatic fire protection devices.
The heart of our business is forestry services. Nordic FPC OÜ perform most types of forest services, such as cleaning, thinning and final felling.
Based on each assignment conditions adapted resources.
We use both manual woodsman machine harvesting machine groups.
Nordic FPC OÜ's specialty is removal of storm-felled forest.
Since the storm Gudrun storm-felled forest was Nordic FPC main business. Within the company we have developed extensive experience and knowledge about the special conditions and problems related to the storm-felled forest.
Operations began in the 1990s in Russia and the Baltic states with forest harvesting and supply of sawlogs, massved and wood chips, mainly to Sweden and Finland. In the early 2000s expanded Nordic FPC operations to include demolition and fire protection installations. On the demolition side is thrust heavy demolitions of mainly steel structures. Fire protection activities are mainly specialized on installation of automatic sprinkler systems.
Today the Nordic FPC OÜ's operations are divided into three business areas:
Forestry services.
Demolition operations.
Fire protection.