The industry sectors and references

Industry sectors

  1. Industrial Facilities: We have successfully installed automated sprinkler systems in various industrial facilities, ensuring fire safety and protection. Our expertise extends to sectors such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and processing facilities.
  2. Sawmills: Our team has extensive experience in installing automated sprinkler systems specifically tailored for sawmill environments. We understand the unique fire risks associated with sawmills and implement cutting-edge technology to mitigate those risks effectively.
  3. Large Shopping Centers: We have provided automated sprinkler system installations for major shopping centers. Our solutions prioritize comprehensive coverage, rapid response, and minimal disruption to the shopping environment.
  4. Hospitals: Fire safety is of utmost importance in hospitals, and our expertise includes installing automated sprinkler systems that meet the strict regulations and requirements specific to healthcare facilities. We ensure the protection of patients, staff, and critical infrastructure.
  5. Sports Arenas: We have successfully implemented automated sprinkler systems in sports arenas, ensuring the safety of spectators, athletes, and valuable sporting equipment. Our solutions are designed to handle the unique challenges posed by these large-scale venues.

our latest references

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Nya Karolinska, Solna
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Dagabs lager, Bålsta
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Nya Vårdbyggnaden Malmö (NVM)/Skånes Universitetssjukhus i Malmö